The rooms

The rooms


The Berkel room is also reserved for tastings, but contains something more valuable.
Eight authentic manual flywheel slicers Berkel, all eight hand-crafted, meticulously decorated by hand.
Synthesis of elegance and quality, insuperable are the cold cuts cutted by the blades with a cutting which is a hymn to the flavors. The slow meat cut allows to preserve freshness, enhancing the organoleptic properties. An unforgettable experience, where flavor, aroma and texture are imprinted on the palate and in the memory of those who lived it.
But Berkel slicers are not the only attraction of this room: the walls are covered with documents from all periods, witnesses of a past that lives between the tavern tables. In this room, however, there is only one table. A large table with eight seats overlooking on the kitchen. Here we make the tasting events organized periodically by the manager.


A room that forms the boundary between the inn and the restaurant, dominated by large square tables and an old wooden paneling profiling the perimeter of the walls.
We choose the name of the room cause the large number of mirrors parallel arranged on the walls, alternating with hunting scenes depicted in the paintings.
A victorious lady riding a horse recalls the nineteenth-century beauty, as indeed all the furniture, an appeal to the ancient inns of the hunters. The ideal place where you can taste the most delicious meat, trippa, boiled meat, grilled and roasted meats.
Flavors that reflect the trend of the local tradition that has made known the “cavallino” outside from the region.


This small room is the last of the internal rooms, a cozy environment that seems to immerse themselves in another dimension in large prospective painting, depicting a classical Italian garden.
Among the decorative friezes, light green colored , sprouting equestrian images and the patch of “società birillistica cavallino”, the true star of the room, from which it takes its name.
The “spacciare” game, or plates, is epoch-making playful activity, and this room is dedicated to all those who today proudly carry on this tradition.


The real surprise of the room is the spacious balcony outside that looks at the river Botteniga, on adjacent walls of the historic port. An enchanting place, which intertwine symbols and stories, ideal for a romantic dinner by candlelight or a tasty convivial gatherings with friends or family.
The terrace is accessible through the “spacciare” room.
The room, covered by a wooden roof, is decorated in keeping with the rest of the room: items hand-decorated, horses in bronze, antique copper utensils, maps and other elements used in the past. The terrace lounge is open only during the summer period.
The terrace room is open from March to September