Antica Ostaria


Antica Ostaria

Just inside the Santi Quaranta’s door, where begins Borgo Cavour and Bastioni San Marco, is located the main entrace of the tavern.
An historical Venetian tavern, which has been able to preserve the same magical atmosphere than five centuries ago.
The typical Venetian cuisine is an invitation to enter the history of a century-old land, made up of peoples, traditions and identity. Unique dishes, from healthy and natural taste, which joins a constant search of local and seasonal food, made by the most powerful or the most delicate organoleptic properties. To accompany them, a long list of DOC wines, chosen from the best regional wine cellars.

The rooms

Typical places to savor new flavors

Come and visit our rooms, the hall dedicated to wine tasting Venetians and not up to the “Spacciare” room

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